The Pacific Green Technologies Group is becoming a world leader at providing sustainable cleantech solutions to help solve climate warming, green energy and resource scarcity challenges. Our vision is to build a new world in which these issues are addressed by technological innovation and engineering solutions.

Increasingly, the development of environmentally friendly answers for energy production, atmospheric emissions and clean water sectors has become a priority for most industrialized nations and will become more and more important for developing countries.

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We are committed to managing the change to a cleaner more sustainable planet. 

At Pacific Green, we know your energy storage investment is a big deal. We understand you can’t afford to make mistakes with your choice of technology and of implementation partner.   

Pacific Green Energy Storage Technologies is part of the Pacific Green Group of companies. The mission of each one is a dedication to solving emissions and energy concerns for tomorrow's world.

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Why choose Pacific Green for energy storage?   

Our vision is driven by technical innovation with the aim of becoming the key leader in the energy storage industry.  

Our mission is to constantly be at the forefront of the growing energy storage industry market, and we are committed to providing safe, reliable, high performance, innovated and evolutionary energy storage products and solutions as a leading global battery technology supplier. 

We can also provide a full recycling service to ensure your organization meets its environmental, social and corporate governance goals. 

The Pacific Green Advantage

We know you want a system that is cost effective and, above all, trouble free. That’s why we choose lithium-ion battery technologies that are specifically suited to any form of storage and only work with best-of-breed technology providers. 

Modular container units for plug-and-play scalability

Safe, efficient and reliable technology

Rapid sampling and high-resolution metering

Optimized system integration

Global sales and service

Full recycling service