Accumulated installation of 383MW/1.3GWh in 31 counties

Pacific Green Technologies (PGT) and PowerChina SPEM combine to create a powerful joint-venture partnership.

Pacific Green Technologies Group
PGT is a publicly traded (US OTCQB, ticker: “PGTK”), US-incorporated, global environmental technologies group with offices in the UK, Monaco, China, Hong Kong and Canada. PGT has evolved from a niche technologies development start-up into a globally recognized engineering, procurement and construction services (EPC) group in the emissions controls, renewables and energy storage sectors.

PowerChina is a government-owned EPC, with over US$49b in annual revenues and more than 800 projects across 80 countries globally. PowerChina provides the joint-venture with vast engineering capabilities and streamlined manufacturing facilities. With US$70b in assets and over 30,000 technical support staff, PowerChina is one of the world’s largest EPC organizations.

Pacific Green Environmental Technologies (Asia) Limited

Pacific Green Environmental Technologies (Asia) Limited is a Shanghai-incorporated joint-venture partnership between PGT and PowerChina, with PGT owning 50.1% and PowerChina owning 49.9%. The unique partnership offers:

  • Manufacturing strength
  • Political, business and strategic connections
  • Procurement and supply-chain optimization
  • Access to additional factories and supply centres due to the JV’s localised relationships
  • Global battery market intelligence and in-depth understanding of market variables in each geographical region

With a team of over 75 engineers, battery technicians and support staff, the JV will oversee all aspects of the project from conception to delivery, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Design engineering
  • Facility layout
  • Energy management system
  • System optimization and software management
  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Training