We offer a range of service packages, backed by leading software and expertise. 

Choosing the correct battery partner and technology is key to success with energy storage. Once your project is operational, you need to ensure you get the right level of service to maximize the lifespan and profitability of your storage asset. And whatever option you choose, we can help.  

Supply Only

For organizations that already have significant battery storage expertise and resources in house. This offers an operating battery system with high levels of availability and reliability, and minimal maintenance requirements. With our self-service option, we will carry out all the installation and commissioning tasks you would expect from an experienced engineering, procurement and construction contractor.  

We will also work with your in-house or independent service provider team to ensure a trouble-free handover, following an exhaustive post-commissioning review to make sure your battery system is in perfect condition and working optimally.  

Supply, Operation & Maintenance 

For organizations with the in-house resources and expertise to take care of battery asset management but lacking the resource to deal with reactive maintenance or for asset owners looking to outsource maintenance and repairs. We offer a basic service package that includes round-the-clock monitoring and reactive maintenance, with the ability to provide additional services on demand where necessary.  

We are happy to tailor our service packages to meet your exact requirements. To find out more, talk to us now.    

Full Service 

For organizations that want to fully outsource proactive maintenance and day-to-day operations. We offer an all-inclusive preventive and reactive maintenance package that comes with full performance and availability guarantees and ensures you get the best possible value from your assets.  

Our full-service offering provides complete peace of mind and the assurance that your battery system is being managed in a way that optimizes your return on investment.  

Why choose us for energy storage services? 

Our energy storage systems combine top-tier lithium-ion battery technology with advanced control and management software to ensure trouble-free operation and a rapid return on investment, plus we offer fixed and bespoke warranties of up to 10 years. And if you need ongoing services and support, we can offer experience gained from operating one of the largest energy storage portfolios in the world, with more than 200 MW of battery capacity, over several years. 

  • Leading lithium-ion battery hardware from trusted component manufacturers, assembled to the highest quality standards in the industry. 

  • Experienced services provision gained from the management of hundreds of megawatts of battery storage in the field. 

  • Bespoke modular software for revenue generation, operations and maintenance and private wire capabilities. 

Consultancy and advisory services

In an emerging field such as energy storage, it can be hard to find experts who can deliver informed, objective advice. Pacific Green have worked on battery storage with some of the biggest names in the energy sector and are able to put that expertise to work on your behalf. Speak to us now for bespoke consultancy including: 

  • Technology selection and benchmarking 
  • Plant configuration and sizing 
  • Business case development 
  • Technology integration 
  • Cost-benefit analyses 
  • Feasibility studies 


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