Our battery systems are designed for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications but are flexible enough to adapt to whatever stationary storage use case you have in mind. 

When it comes to the business case for your energy storage asset, flexibility is key. You need to be able to stack as many use cases as possible on top of each in order to maximize your return on investment. And the applications are almost limitless. Here are just a few examples.

PV factory roof

Increasing renewable energy self-consumption

Perhaps the number one C&I use case for energy storage is using batteries to improve levels of renewable energy self-consumption within a hybrid grid. If you are investing in solar or wind, then it makes sense to cut your electricity costs by using this ‘free’ energy as much as possible. 

Electricity Pylon

Enabling off-grid operations

Until recently, operating off the grid meant having to pay over the odds for diesel gensets or other fossil-fuel based generation systems. With a Pacific Green Energy Storage Technology battery system combined with solar or wind, you can cut your costs and improve availability.

wind turbines

Smoothing clean energy production

If you rely on low-cost solar or wind for the bulk of your energy needs, then the intermittency of these generation sources can affect the quality of your power supply. A Pacific Green Energy Storage Technology battery system can smooth things out, enabling trouble-free operations. 

Steel manufacturing plant

Reducing energy bills through peak shaving

For C&I businesses subject to peak energy pricing, the ability to avoid even just a few hours of critical grid supplies can make a big difference to the annual utility bill. Speak to us now about how you can build your battery business case based on peak shaving.

Powering marine vessels 

A key issue for vessel owners is how to decarbonize the fleet while maintaining safe, reliable operations. We can work with you to reduce emissions via hybrid or electric power systems, while leveraging other parts of the Pacific Green ecosystem to reduce other pollutants. 

Many more use cases

As well as serving the C&I market, we can provide energy storage assets for a wide range of grid and microgrid use cases, including:

Renewables integration / Curtailment avoidance / Peak load management / Frequency regulation / Contingency reserve / Frequency response / Fleet optimization / Voltage regulation / Synthetic inertia / Energy dispatch / Energy shifting / Backup power / Grid firming / Black start / Capacity 

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